Class Info

The traditional foundation of the Eskrima taught at Crescent City Eskrima is Doce Pares as taught by the Patalinghug family. Crescent City Eskrima is a hybrid style of Eskrima based on over 25 years of study. Elements of Doce Pares Eskrima, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Inosanto-Lacoste Kali, LAMECO Eskrima, Libre Fighting, Mande Muda Silat, Martial Blade Concepts, and several other Filipino, Japanese, and Indonesian Martial Arts are incorporated into our style. Why not one system? Because no system has all the answers, and having to adhere to one style’s mandates or curriculum limits our ability to evolve. Filipino Martial Arts (FMAs) are inherently syncretic and are generally more interested in efficiency and less in a lineage. We honor this tradition by guiding you to be your best based on your attributes and dedicated practice. Our approach is pragmatic to martial arts study and training, but it is not some new art. Our focus, methods, and expression may be our own, but the art we teach we received from others, and it is they who deserve the credit.

The focus of our training is on simple, realistic weapons defense. The goal of any violent encounter is to stop the threat as quickly as possible. Yet more traditional Filipino weapons are also taught to develop and strengthen our fighting attributes (and they are fun to learn!): single stick/sword, double stick, Espada y Daga (stick and dagger), short staff, and bullwhip. Although we practice with traditional weapons we have refined techniques to use modern contact weapons such as folding knives, expandable batons, and improvised weapons.

We don’t use titles or ranks. We wear our street clothes when training. This is important because we also practice deploying the tools you may choose to carry for defense in the clothes you normally wear. We train on mats because we use the space at a BJJ school and do not wear shoes because they may damage the mats. The simple rules for class: Protect yourself at all times, take care of your training partner and don't drop your weapon. Class sizes are usually very small so everyone gets the individual attention they need. Classes are scheduled for 1 hour but usually run longer. Class fee is $20 per class. Please contact us before coming to class

If you are in town visiting New Orleans you are welcome to take class. The fee for visitors is $10. Please contact us if you plan on visiting.

We have plenty of equipment to get you started. If you continue to take class, you'll want to get some sticks, padded sticks, practice knives, and some protective equipment. There are also plenty of outlets for both sticks and practice weapons online, and you can check the Links page under "Equipments" for our recommendations.