Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Eskrima is a Filipino Martial Art with its roots in both historical Spanish fencing and the indigenous martial arts of the Philippines. Unlike other martial arts, we START with weapons and our primary focus is weapons. Weapons are great equalizers against stronger/ bigger opponents, and learning how to defend yourself with them is our goal. Eskrima's main weapons are the stick and knife, but also include the sword, double stick, stick and dagger, bullwhip, and empty hands. It is a comprehensive martial art that covers all ranges of combat. We use the term, Eskrima in deference to our foundational art of Doce Pares Eskrima. Filipino Martial Arts have many different names but share very similar traits. Some of the other more common names are Arnis, Kali, or simply FMA (Filipino Martial Arts).

Eskrima is easy to learn and the techniques are simple, straightforward, and aggressive. Young or old, man or woman, no experience needed! Classes are taught in an informal setting, with no uniforms and little ceremony.

We start with tradition, but our curriculum has been simplified and streamlined - based on techniques that can be performed in real-time and with full resistance. Techniques that can be used with modern weapons such as folding pocket knives. Techniques that are taught conceptually so you can apply them to whatever weapon you choose to carry: knife, gun, or even improvised

Mabuhay ang Eskrima!


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If you are looking for Crescent City Eskrima: It no longer exists. I have moved from New Orleans and I'm currently residing in Delaware....